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SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen on hand to assist with hurricane recovery

SERVPRO in your neighborhood and beyond!

Hurricanes! Hailstorms! Floods! When disaster strikes, SERVPRO franchises across the nation are ready to act. Whether in our own backyards or across state lines SERVPRO has mobilization plans set to ensure we are ready to help where help is needed most. From the semi-trailers full of equipment strategically placed to the call centers ready for the influx of calls to the many franchises that send crews to tackle the mountain of work hands on, SERVPRO is organized and ready to help whenever and wherever help is needed.

Spring Storm damage in Wheat Ridge

Storm damage doesn’t always mean high winds and torrential rain.

Spring storm damage can fall softly on the roof. The roof you are trying to have repaired. Repairs that have not been finished yet. Snow melts, water finds the easiest route down, through the ceiling in this case.

A phone call to SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen brought immediate help. Call 303-279-8055 for your spring storm needs.

Evergreen Mold Containment

When mold is found in a home, does the homeowner have to remove it? Mold, if left unmitigated, will spread. And spread, and spread. Mold can cause health issues but mold will definitely derail a sale of the home.

If the mold is removed BEFORE it spreads, costs are kept lower. If mold is allowed to spread…the expenses to mitigate just grow with the mold.

Once mold is found, our technicians create containment, remove the molded materials, dry the space and scrub the air thus preventing the spread of the mold.

Call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen at 303-279-8055 for professional mold mitigation.

Mold hiding in the ceiling

An Evergreen homeowner called us to look at the water damage on her ceiling. When our technician inspected the damage, he found mold growth.

Mold announces itself either visibly, with a musty odor and sometimes it is hiding behind past moisture damage, like in this home.

Call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen at 303-279-8055 to help with your mold concerns.

Mold in the kitchen

This Wheat Ridge kitchen discovered a leak behind their dishwasher. Once the dishwasher was pulled out for repair, mold was discovered hiding behind it. A call to SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen brought our trained professionals on site to dry the excess water, and remove the mold from the site. Once removed an anti-microbial was applied to prevent further mold growth. Call 303-279-8055 if you are concerned about mold in your home.

After the storm

Hurricanes bring high water and flooding. The high water carries contaminants and damages homes.

SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen was on site at this Houston area home to take out damaged building materials, disinfect the structure and ensure all remaining materials were dry and ready to be rebuilt. For your large or small disasters call 303-279-8055  

High Water in Texas

A flood cut takes on new meaning when one is dealing with a hurricane. When disaster strikes SERVPRO franchises work together to help as many as we can get back to life as usual.  Our crew loaded our trucks with as much equipment as possible and headed south to help.  When disaster strikes, call SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen 303-279-8055

Broken Glass in Golden

Summer storms can be unpredictable in their ferocity. When the hail storm rolled across Golden damaging everything in its wake, this Golden home owner found themselves with shattered glass. A phone call to SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen brought this home owner peace of mind. Not only did we board up her window, keeping her secure and dry, we also cleaned up all the broken glass. Call 303-279-8055 for help with any damage the storms bring you.

Tenting Hardwood Floors in Arvada

Too much water and hardwood floors don’t mix. Water can cause cupping or crowning or it could also cause the wood to buckle or warp. This Lakewood home called SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen to help dry their hardwood floors. Tenting traps the air movement right where it’s needed, on the hardwood floor.  Call 303-279-8055 for professional help with any water loss.

Wheat Ridge home Garage Fire

This fire was a little too close to home! Once the danger is over and the emergency crews have left, what do you do?  Call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen for their professional assessment of the damage. Smoke and soot can be difficult to clean, the smell of smoke permeates every surface, and chemical residue from fighting the fire can be caustic. Let us help you make it “Like it never even happened.” 303-279-8055

Golden Home Kitchen Fire

The first 48 hours after fire damage can make the difference between restoring versus replacing your property. What can you do until help arrives? Limit movement in the home to prevent further damage or contamination, place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpet. Do not try to wash, wipe or clean any item in your home until our SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen professionals can assess the type of damage and explain the best approach to cleaning your home.

When facing the daunting task of post fire clean up, make SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen your first call! 303-279-8055

Evergreen Home Fire

A home fire is a frightening thing. We tend to think of the flames, the heat, the smoke and soot.

More damage than that is often waiting though. How was the fire extinguished? Was it put out with water? Is your home now facing a water loss as well as a fire loss? Was it quelled with suppression? Which chemicals? Is this now a fire loss and a hazardous materials loss? The only answer you need to know is “Who do I call?” the answer is SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen! We have the training, experience and equipment to test, assess and begin the process of making it “Like it never even happened.”  24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/365 days a year call 303-279-8055

SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen to the rescue!

When local Golden PD needs help cleaning up after vandalism, they call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen.

Flooded public restrooms are a bio-hazard few want to step in to. Bring in the professionals!

SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen is quick to respond and has the equipment and knowledge to handle the situation. We make it “Like it never even happened” 303-279-8055

Wet Day at this Longmont Office

Water damage is treated the same in a home or office. Clear away any residual water, dry flooring and wall materials; take out materials that won’t dry. SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen is the professional to call for your commercial mitigation and cleaning needs. 303-279-8055 24/7 - 365

Wheat Ridge Kitchen Life gets Messy

Just like your home, commercial kitchens benefit from a deep professional clean. SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen uses high temperature power washing and an anti-microbial agent sprayed in those hard to reach areas to ensure a clean kitchen ready to serve the next wave of customers. Call the trained professionals today! 303-279-8055

Golden Café underwater

When the sound of softly falling snow brings with it the sound of rushing water, it’s time to call the professionals! Cold weather can lead to burst pipes which lead this Golden restaurant to call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen for fast, knowledgeable and business friendly solutions to cleaning up the mess.  Don’t wait! Call SERVPRO Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen at 303-279-8055 for fast, professional help.

Applewood Business Association Breakfast 2017

The things we learn at breakfast meetings! While at the Applewood Business Association Breakfast we listened to Wheat Ridge City Manager Patrick Goff talk about changes to the RTD light rail and community projects for 2017.

More Fit Testing

Taking time to make sure respirators are being used properly. As required by OSHA our employees are going through fit testing to ensure proper usage of safety equipment. At SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen we do all we can to keep our crew and clients safe.

Fit Testing

As required by OSHA our employees are going through fit testing we follow the OSHA Standard to keep our crew and customers safe.

Water cleanup at Comfort Suites, Evergreen

SERVPRO of Golden, Wheat Ridge and Evergreen were on site quick to a water loss at the Comfort Suites in Evergreen CO.  The owner was impressed we were there at night to start the process then worked through the weekend....


SERVPRO of Golden/Wheat Ridge/Evergreen has THE truck to respond to your personal disaster needs.  With plenty of equipment storage and a powerful truck mounted extraction system, we will quickly arrive at your door ready to make your disaster “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage to Bathroom Floor

Most homeowners do not often realize the damage water can do to flooring. Drying it out properly and mitigating the damage can save thousands of dollars. Call a professional first!

Stove Fires

Stove cooking fires can cause smoke and soot damage to every room in the house. Here at SERVPRO our disaster experts can test, clean and remove the smoke damage properly.

Don't let it go

This is an example of what water can do if left unattended for a month. Please do not take for granted what a moisture can do to your home. Also never assume you can clean it up yourself. Protect your home or business by having a professional take a look before it molds.

After Mold Remediation

I have mold what do I do? Answer: Remove it safely and properly so it does not spread to the rest of your home. Never try to remove mold without proper tenting or containment.